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The Count Of Monte Cristo (1975) Adventure, Starring Richard Chamberlain and Tony Curtis

The Count of Monte-Cristo is a 1975 television film produced by ITC Entertainment and based upon the book The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, père. It was directed by David Greene and starred Richard Chamberlain as Edmond Dantes, Kate Nelligan as Mercedes, Tony Curtis as Fernand Mondego, Louis Jourdan as De Villefort, Donald Pleasence as Danglars, Trevor Howard as Abbé Faria, and Isabelle de Valvert as Haydee.

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  • Richard Chamberlain as Edmond Dantès
  • Donald Pleasence as Danglars
  • Louis Jourdan as Gérard de Villefort
  • Tony Curtis as Fernand Mondego
  • Kate Nelligan as Mercédès
  • Trevor Howard as Abbé Faria
  • Dominic Guard as Albert Mondego
  • Taryn Power as Valentine De Villefort
  • Dominic Barto as Bertuccio
  • Alessio Orano as Caderousse
  • Angelo Infanti as Jacopo
  • Isabelle De Valvert as Haydee
  • Anthony Dawson as Noirtier De Villefort
  • Harold Bromley as M. Morrell
  • George Willing as Andre Morrell
  • Ralph Michael as M. Dantes
  • Harry Baird as Ali