Dark City (1950) Film Noir, Starring Charlton Heston, Jack Webb, Henry Morgan and Ed Begley

Dark City is a 1950 American film noir crime film directed by William Dieterle starring Charlton Heston in his screen debut, and produced by Hal B. Wallis. The film features Lizabeth Scott, Dean Jagger, Jack Webb and Harry Morgan. Webb and Morgan both went on to co-star in the popular police drama television series Dragnet. Heston made his first professional big-screen appearance in the movie, having starred in two amateur college films a decade before. In interviews much later, he would refer to Dark City as "definitely not an 'A' picture, but a pretty good 'B'." (Heston would also later refer to Orson Welles' Touch of Evil, in which Heston starred, as "not a great film...")
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